Which Manicure Is Right for You?

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With so “mani” options (see what we did there?!) to choose from, it can be tough to know which service is your ideal choice. Luckily, we have a knowledgeable staff who gave us their best tips for choosing the manicure that will help you achieve what you’re looking for. 

Classic Manicure: This is our signature waterless nail service. We clean up your nails, make sure your cuticles are nice and tidy, apply the perfect polish or buff and shine (if you prefer a natural look), add in a little relaxation with our signature massage, and you’re good to go! For extra durability over our standard polish options, select a Classic Manicure with Gel Polish. 40 min, $40.  

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Gel Polish: Our 5-free gel polish is great if you want all of the gorgeous color and none of the drying time! Gel manicures tend to be longer lasting in both durability and shine with much less chance of chipping polish or breaking a nail. Our gel is known to be flexible on your nails and soaks off easily (requiring less acetone exposure) and is less damaging to nails than traditional gels. +20 min, +$20. 

Luxe Manicure: Same service as above, except it adds in ALL the pampering. Your skin will feel extra soft after an organic sugar scrub exfoliation, and the heated Himalayan Salt Stone massage will rejuvenate tired, sore muscles, and will infuse your system with magnesium, which does everything from balance the nervous system to support the immune system to regulate your heartbeat! Luxe services can be done with or without gel. 60 min, $60.

Zoya Naked Manicure: This is our favorite for the minimalists out there! Not only do you get all the goodness included in our Classic manicure service but you also get the Zoya Naked Polish system which infuses your nails with vitamins and proteins, while correcting any nail discoloration. Your nails will look and feel healthy and strong, with just a touch of shine. 50 min, $55. 

Multi-Flex™ Hard Gel Manicure: The newest addition to our manicure family is our Multi-Flex Hard Gel system. We’ve found that this manicure is best for our clients who don’t want to take a break from using gel polish, but may have thin or peeling nails. This polish comes in a handful of simple, beautiful sheer colors or you can add on a gel polish overlay. This innovative product is the longest lasting of all our polishes and it is great for getting your nails to grow while still maintaining a beautiful appearance. 55 min, $75. 

Multiflex hard gel manicure

Gel Nail Extensions: With a manicure included, this system is perfect for any client who wants longer, stronger nails. It’s also fantastic if you have some nails that have broken, and you want them all to look natural and even. With an easy soak off removal, these extensions are a great option to elongate your nails without waiting for them to grow naturally. 90 min, $100 for set, $15 for single nail. 

Each time you enter our shop, we hope you feel as happy to be here as we are to have you here. We want each and every client to feel taken care of and appreciated and we welcome any feedback or questions you may have about any of our services. We are so grateful you choose Poppy to keep your nails “mani-gable!” (See what we did there?!)