Mental Health Awareness Month

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If you’re a client at Poppy, you know that we’re serious about self care. What you may not know is that to us, the most important form of self care is protecting our mental health. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight some of the products and services that are not only good for us physically, but help to bring balance to us mentally, as well.

One of the easiest forms of self care and taking  care of our mental health is to get good, quality sleep. However, in this day and age with phones and apps and lives that never seem to pause, it’s tough to even get enough sleep, let alone quality sleep. Poppy is proud to carry products that work with your body to help you achieve a restful night of zzz’s.


Wooden Spoon Herbs Sweet Dreams Tincture

This beautiful blend of herbs is all natural, with no after effects of sleep medication. Valerian Root, which is known for having sleep-inducing qualities, mixes with Skullcap, which helps to calm the nervous system. The result? Sweet (uninterrrupted) Dreams!

Sweet Dreams Drops Wooden Spoon Herbs.png

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula

Combining sweet orange, hops, and 900mg’s of cannabinoid extract, this PM CBD oil is truly the best when it comes to getting a night of sensible slumber. 20 droplets a night will help promote a good night’s rest, manage chronic pain, and even help with migraines!

Yuyo Botanics-Full Spectrum Formula

300mg extract combined with MCT oil is perfect for combating the day to day stresses of life. This formula contains a trace amount of both CBN (for aches and pains) and CBG (awesome for inflammation and pain relief). Taken under the tongue, this hemp mixture will be the perfect partner for keeping anxiety under control!

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LotusWei Quiet Mind

This blend helps to calm a busy mind and ease physical tension while magnifying a relaxed body and sound sleep. With a fresh herbal scent, it’s great for both clarity and calmness.

Quiet Mind comes in three forms: an aura spray for the head, neck, and shoulders, an elixir to be taken internally, and as an anointing oil, which can be used on pulse points or mixed in with your favorite massage oil.

While we know sleep is vital to mental health and overall well being, we aren’t always aware of the day to day anxiety that can overwhelm us. Luckily our shop is full of items that can help to bring balance to the craziness of our days and remind us to take a break and breathe.

Quiet Mind Lotus Wei.png

Wooden Spoon Herbs Anxiety Ally Tincture

This standout mixture of Tulsi (known to promote healthy cortisol levels), Milky Oats (nourishing to the nervous system), Skullcap (a beautiful nerve tonic), Lavender (good for inflammation and calming), and Ashwagandha (a powerful adaptogen known for its healing and stress reducing properties) was created to help soothe the nerves and maintain a sense of grounding.

Anxiety Alley Wooden Spoon Herbs.png

The Good Patch-Be Calm

This discreet transdermal patch, which can be worn on the wrist, (or any venous area) is infused with 15 mg of premium hemp extract and menthol to help support a sense of calm for up to 12 hours.

The Good Patch Be Calm.png

We understand that everyone takes care of their mental health differently, and we are so grateful that many of you choose Poppy as your happy place. Here are a couple services best known for giving us a sense of calm and respite from our busy lives.


Massage can be so beneficial to our mental health. Research shows that massage can help to affect the biochemistry of the body in a positive way, thus helping to treat both depression and anxiety. Combining the positive mental aspects along with relaxation and muscle repair, a 60 or 90 minute customizable massage at Poppy can be just what you need!

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Reiki Therapy with Crystal Chakra Balancing

Reiki is known for healing through breath work and hand placement. It can bring about feelings of relaxation and calmness. Many people have found that reiki work has helped with emotional release, bringing about more feelings of groundedness and tranquility to life. When allowing that to be coupled with the balancing of our chakras, we can bring about deep inner healing for our entire system, which in turn releases physical, emotional, and mental stress.

Reiki Therapy with Crystal Chakra Balancing.png

Chan’Beaute Reflexology Facial

Reflexology has both physical and mental benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. This is a therapeutic facial using tools that help bring about healthy skin by correcting the internal imbalances. Using reflexology tools, your service provider will be able to activate internal organs and release any physical and emotional blocks held in the body.

Chan'Beaute Reflexology Facial.png

Gua Sha Facial

This beautiful facial is well known in traditional Chinese medicine. With the use of gemstones to lift and sculpt the face, lymphatic fluid is broken down as well. Your service provider will be able to break up any muscle tension and improve the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin. This facial also unlocks the energetic meridians, helping with stress and naturally bringing about glowing skin. A Thai Polutice of beautiful, calming herbs is used to help break up any tension and reduce inflammation, allowing you to fully relax and feel an overwhelming sense of calming energy.

Gua Sha Facial

Mental health is so much more than products and services, and we never want to take away from the importance of reaching out for help if needed. Therapy has been beneficial to many of us here at Poppy, and there is no shame in that.  We believe strength comes from allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable about the struggles that come along with being human. We hope you’ll join us in ending the stigma that comes along with speaking about Mental Health.

You are never alone, and you are always worthy.