Meet our Salon Director, Cassie!


Tell us a little bit about yourself & your background?

I'm a 2 on the Enneagram so really, I'd prefer to be asking about you, not me! I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with my parents and five younger siblings. I've lived in Nashville for three years, but I've dreamed of living here since I was little. I'm a complete bookworm and always have a book in my purse, a book in my car, and about five next to my bed. Writing is my passion and I've been so lucky to be able to incorporate it into so many aspects of my life. I'm constantly curious and I love hard, both of which have gotten me into trouble! I love country music, have an unswerving loyalty to Taylor Swift, and prefer camping to a fancy hotel. It's important to me that people know they matter, and I do my best to leave each person I meet a little more loved than I found them. Before I moved to Nashville I lived in the tiniest town in South Georgia and if I ever leave here, you can probably find me there, living life slow and steady on a porch swing! 

What is something that would surprise us about you?

Well, I'm not a very surprising person, to be honest. I love routine. I guess a pretty defining aspect of my life is that I'm adopted. It's shaped a lot of who I am, and it tends to surprise people when I tell them. I've also run multiple half marathons and used to write for an online aspect of the Chicago Tribune, where some of my writing went viral!

What do you love most about clean beauty? 

If I'm being honest, I had to change my mind frame a bit regarding clean beauty because I know what an investment it can be! I had to stop looking at it as indulgent and start understanding what a beautiful act of self care it is and how it effects every aspect of my life and health. I've been so lucky to learn about the education behind each brand. Seeing the intent behind each woman's products has given me the opportunity to look at my skin care routine differently. It's now a chance to show myself and my skin and body the love it deserves for carrying me through the day. As women we are so incredibly tough on ourselves, and the ritual of removing our makeup and cleansing, or putting makeup on, is usually a time of picking ourselves apart. Clean beauty has brought that to my awareness and shifted my mindset to a place of love and acceptance and gratitude.

What is your favorite product in the shop right now - why?

I don't know if I can choose just one!! May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon is truly the epitome of luxury meeting performance and I'm obsessed. I'm also really digging the Tata Harper Glow Getter with Classic Dermaplane (I know it's a service, but it's just SO good) because that glow afterwards is EVERYTHING. Seriously, it screams summer. Last, I can't get enough of DedCool #1. That scent makes me feel so feminine and happy and it lasts all day. 

What does self-care mean to you and how do you make time for it?

Self care has honestly been so tough for me to learn. I tend to focus on others and have a hard time taking in the fact that I'm deserving of time to just be. As I've learned that and taken the time to grow into myself, self care has become taking the time to make a budget and sticking to it, choosing discipline over convenience (still working on that!), and spending time with friends who are good to me and for me. Most of all? It's been calling myself out on the stuff that doesn't serve me and then adjusting accordingly through self reflection, meditation, and therapy. I've in no way achieved balance in my life or in my self care routine, but I do know how much better life seems to flow when I wake up, meditate, pray, and have coffee. So I try to do that every day. I also try to keep what's important to me, important. Monday's are for therapy, Wednesday's are for my best pal, and every day is for gratitude!

What is your favorite restaurant in Nashville?

It really changes all the time, since Nashville has so many great new places! My goto's are The Eastern Peak for takeout (their Pad Thai is perfect for a cozy night in) and you'll definitely see my bestie and I at Butchertown Hall for margaritas and apps at least once a week!