Woman Crush Wednesday - Jessie Baylin


Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a born and raised Jersey girl! At 18 I made my way out west to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of being a professional recording artist. 7 years ago I married my husband and made the move to Nashville and I really love living in this southern oasis. We have a four year old daughter named Violet. I enjoy cooking, reading cookbooks, hiking & connecting with friends over good wine, food & conversation.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is a big part of what helps keep me sane in, at times, a chaotic world.  Body work, beauty work... it is important to me and makes me feel like I'm really living in my body. 

What is your favorite aspect of being a mom?

Constantly being amazed by her humor, empathy, voice & fiery personality.  Never a dull moment with this little red headed girl. She is my everything. 

How do you take time for yourself?

I do my best to move my body every day after Violet's at school.  That keeps my head on straight and physically, I just feel better. Routine is important to me and that routine also includes making time for myself with friends, my husband... sneaking in moments when I can. I don't feel bad about that because I'm a better mother for my daughter when I'm feeling like I've had my time & space.  

What's the hardest thing you find about taking time for yourself?

I wouldn't say I find it hard right now. That could change, and probably will! Ha. 

What's your favorite way to spend time with your daughter?

Spending the morning running errands together and finishing that with a park play date where we run around pretending we are fairies or princesses or whatever she wants us to be on that particular day - followed by a nice meal together at a restaurant where she can taste some new things! 

Thanks so much Jessie, we could all learn a lot from your healthy attitude about taking time for yourself in order to be your best self! Happy Mother's Day!