We are taking appointments!

We have to pinch ourselves to make sure we're not dreaming - the shop is ready for you (!!) and we cannot wait for you to come in and see it! In fact, if you want to get your nails done we are ready to pamper you and give you a mani or pedi (or both) this week, right in time for the Thanksgiving holiday! You can book your appointment by clicking here.

There aren't enough words for us to express how excited we are that this has all come together, and how this shop started as an idea and has now become so beautiful and real.

Please come visit us, we will be here everyday this week (except on Thursday of course) and you are so welcome to come in.


Hours for Monday 11/23 - Sunday 11/29:

Monday 10-6
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday Closed
Friday 10-5
Saturday 11-5
Sunday 12-5

Remember - Just look for the pink door!